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Many people are left with visible Scars and it is particularly painful if it is on our face because then the scar really stands out. However a lot of progress has been made in the field of dermatology to help people get rid of visible scarring which are mostly caused by serious acne or trauma. Even after plastic surgery there might be the possibility of some visible scarring and dermatology has the answer to ensure any scar which you may have disappears completely to reducing the severity of scars.

Acne scars are naturally occurring scars on our face but scars received due to trauma caused by accident are different in nature and have a deeper effect in both physical and physiological to the individual in question.

Lasers for Trauma scars

When a person is involved in an unfortunate accident and has scars which are a constant reminder, with the help of lasers doctors can increase the build-up of collagen below the scar which then smoothes of the surface of our skin. Universally scar reduction can be best treated surgically which reduces the size and prominence of your scar to a large extent but after that using laser can help completely erase scarring

Other scar reduction techniques which are generally used to help people overcome acne scarring are

Derma Roller where micro-needling medical devices help in natural increase in production of collagen in your skin which is very effective and does not cause any damage to your skin. Using topical anesthesia so the patient does not feel any discomfort skin is revitalized and just after one or two sessions patient can see noticeable difference.

Chemical Peel treatment is used when a person suffers from serious acne and this is a effective means to improve the skin texture damaged due to acne or even in some cases trauma. it is one of the best exfoliation skin treatment which makes the skin firm and radiant.

Some need to know information

All the above mentioned procedures are very helpful but it is also important the patient cooperates because after the treatment they must apply sunscreen lotion and avoid excessive sun exposure because at the initial stage a lot of care and attention is needed so the skin can heal fully and you are full of confidence.



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