Get Successful Reconstructive Cosmetic Surgery at Enhance Clinics

You can now get successful reconstructive cosmetic surgery at Enhance Clinics for a very affordable price. This kind of surgery is performed in cases where patients have an abnormal body structure caused by trauma, tumor, disease, congenital defects, abnormalities in development, and infection. To improve functioning, as well as to get a normal appearance, reconstructive cosmetic surgery is done. With the help of this surgery, you can lead a normal and better life, your appearance will be restored and your mobility and functionality is improved.

Reconstructive cosmetic surgery is performed in cases such as breast reconstruction after a mastectomy, cleft lip and palate repair, head and neck reconstruction after cancer, repair of post-operative and post-traumatic defects, craniofacial deformities, etc. Special care and attention is given to every single case. The doctors at Enhance Clinics are highly-skilled and have experience performing many successful surgeries.

In this kind of surgery, our surgeons use microsurgery to transfer tissues for coverage of the damaged area when local tissue is not available. Muscle, fats, free skin flaps, or a combination is removed from one portion to the other. It is reconnected with the blood supply by suturing veins and arteries which can be as small as one to two mm. There are different kinds of techniques and procedures used for this kind of surgery. Utmost care is taken to keep the scars less noticeable. We make sure our patients walk out fully satisfied with our services.



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