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A manly face with a fully grown moustache and beard with thick hair density leaves a beautiful impression as a remarkable symbol of manhood on the others. Having a shady or patchy moustache or beard diminishes the natural attraction of a nicely structured face. Spotty or unstructured beard could possibly be the outcome of accidental injuries, surgical scars or burn mutilations. However, aging or untimely hair fall or reactions of certain medicines also result into irregular moustache and beard growth. Imbalanced beard can be maintained with the help of moustache and beard hair transplant. Dr. ABC has a hair transplant establishment at his Jaipur based Enhance clinic, where interested patients for moustache and beard hair transplant are treated.

Procedure of Moustache and Beard Hair Transplant:

A skilled FUE surgeon and an experienced anaesthetist teamed up to perform surgical FUE sitting in a combined procedure that may vary between 3- 9 hours. Hair follicles are extracted from the “stable zone area” that is the back or sides of the head with thriving hair growth. Hair follicles are removed individually with required oil and skin substances and are dissected diligently in order to transplant on the bald moustaches and beard area for sprouting. In a single FUE surgical sitting, the right angle, direction and depth are measured for a perfect and successful moustache and beard hair transplant procedure. However, it is just a minor surgical sitting that can also be performed by obtaining the hairs from the chest of a patient.


Mild soreness, swelling and pain occurs right after the FUE sitting and can be easily controlled by using the recommended drugs. Patient can use the medicated shampoo and apply the recommended ointments. No risk of major blood loss and acute pain.


Satisfying restoration of moustache and beard hair sprouts brings a smile on the face of patients. As a permanent procedure, the patient is allowed to shave, trim and shape up the beard and moustaches.



Welcome to Enhance Jaipur. Jaipur clinic is replete with the expert insights by experienced doctors and state-of-the-art infrastructure, which is a hallmark of Enhance Clinics. If you are looking for Hair Transplant in Jaipur, Enhance Clinics Jaipur would be the best place for your Hair Transplant Procedure.

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