Laser Hair Removal or Reduction

Laser Hair Removal

There are some men and women who suffer from excess hair and the only way to remove hair is by getting a laser hair removal treatment. Laser Hair Removal is a permanent process of removing unwanted hairs by exposing the skin area to laser light pulses. These pulses destroy the hair from its roots permanently.

How is it done?

A concentrated beam of light, of specific wavelength, is aimed at the area of concern matched with the pulse duration to obtain optimal effect. However it does not cause any harm to the rest of the skin. Our pigment has the capacity to absorb laser light and cause damage to the follicle, thereby ensuring no future hair growth in the future.

Are the process painful and how many session it takes to remove hair?

When an individual gets laser hair removal treatment they will experience redness and slight stinging sensation, which goes away after few hours. Also patient will notice discoloration and mottled skin few days after the procedure however it goes away with time.


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