Get Rid of Freckles by Undergoing Laser Freckle Removal Surgery at Enhance Clinics

Freckles can make us look very cute when we were young but as we grow older the very thing which made us look adorable can also cause us some distress. But there are ways to get rid of freckles by undergoing laser freckle removal procedure. Freckles occur when we have had too much exposure to the sun and other factors are people with fair or light complexions, or a person who has a genetic pre-disposition to developing them.

Are there different procedure for different complexions?

  • To remove freckles from people who have fair complexions, Ruby and Medlite lasers are used.
  • For olive, Asian or darker complexions, Gemini lasers are the used.

Before the procedure the doctor will administer local anesthesia to ensure there is no discomfort and after careful examination which is done prior the right kind of laser is selected suits the complexion of the patient. Since you have been given local anesthesia you will feel a mild sensation of snapping and heat and afterwards the freckles become darker. This is just a temporary effect and it goes away in one to two weeks, after which they scab and peel off. There is a possibility of surrounding skin becoming red and swollen but if that happens a simple ice pack will alleviate the problem. Before the procedure doctor will give you a list of do’s and don’ts for example patient must apply sunscreen post-treatment.



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