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Ear lobe surgery or ear lobe repair is an effective procedure to reconstruct the split or torn ear lobes as a results of improper piercing, wearing heavy jewellery or intentional gauging or keloid scarring. Split ear lobes blemishes the natural beauty of an individual’s face. Facial symmetry can be perfected by repairing or renovating the defected ear lobes as it contain no bones but only skin tissues. Yanked or pulled down ear lobes can also be rejuvenated by ear lobe repair surgery. XYZ clinic in Jaipur can be visited to avail ear lobe surgery or repair services of Dr. ABC.

What is Ear Lobe surgery or ear lobe repair?  

Ear lobe surgery is performed under the administration of local or general anaesthesia on outpatient basis as depending upon the degree and nature of the current conditions. Maximum of an hour or 60 minutes are required for a standard ear lobe surgery.

A skilled plastic surgeon performs the surgical ear lobe repair by removing the upper lining of the skin tear to surgically remove the unwanted or excessive skin tissues. After this, the sutures are place diligently for closure in order to patch back the split ends together. Patients with split lobes needs to get recovered from the wounds before undergoing ear lobe repair.

Closed sutures disappeared in a week within the ear lobe repair or surgery is done. Once the operated ear lobe is completely recovered, a patient can again get it pierced as desired.

Post- operative recovery and care:

The surgically operated ear lobe area can experience mild pain, soreness, numbness and swelling also because of sutures. Prescribed drugs can help to get rid of pain and other symptoms. No post- surgical marks remain in just 4 weeks. Redness get controlled as no acute complications occur.

As being a non- invasive procedure, no risks of infections or heavy blood loss are associated with this surgical procedure.


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