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Chin surgery is performed to reconstruct or alter the underlying facial tissues of the chin either by inserting an implant or by readjusting the bones to give a suitable look, symmetry and appearance of the facial contours. Mentoplasty or Genioplasty are the surgical terms that reduce or add the material to the chin respectively. The major objective is to detect, surgically operate and rectify the chin flaws for an improved facial appearance. Contact Dr. ABC available at Jaipur established clinic XYZ for in- depth consultation and valuable consultation.

What are the aesthetic outcomes of Chin Surgery?  

  • Recessed chin
  • Fleshy and prominent chin
  • Pointed and squared chin

Chin Surgery Procedure: 

During the chin surgery as be it mentoplasty or geniplasty, a skilled plastic surgeon performs small incisions on the targeted chin area with fine needles between the gums or under the chin or the lower lip so that no appearance of scar should be visible after complete recovery. The implants are positioned and adjusted with respect to the jaw bone. After the implant is successfully accomplished, the surgeon places he sutures or stiches from inside the mouth right under the chin. No scars of sutures remain visible within the 10 days of complete recovery.

Recovery and Results:

An operated patient may feel soreness, redness and numbness minimum for 1-2 weeks or maximum for 3 months. Swelling may develop but it subsides within duration of 6 weeks. As being a less- invasive procedure, no major complication or acute pain takes place. Prescribed drugs or medicines help the patient to ease down.

After 3-4 months of post- operative period, the operated person smiles to see a beautiful, pointed and nicely aligned chin as a lovely feature of the face. No symptoms of uneasiness occur after the surgery.



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