Get a Rejuvenated Appearance with Botox and Fillers at Enhance Clinics

One of the most effective and less evasive techniques to do away with wrinkles is by getting Botox shots which are natural proteins that are used to relax the muscles that produce wrinkles. This is the shortest way to get rejuvenated appearance and it does not even consume that much time. Botox can easily do away with smooth the lines and wrinkles on your face and also they are extensively used for treating frown lines, flared nostrils, forehead lines, pebbly chin, smoker’s lip lines, chin crease and drooping angles of the mouth.

It is a non-surgical procedure wherein Botox is injected into your facial muscles with the help of a fine needle. This is a precision procedure which can only be carried out by experienced doctors. The entire procedure do not last more than 20 minutes but the effect of Botox injection can last anywhere between four to six months.


Derma fillers are again a non surgical method to smooth out your skin layer which fills up depressions and gaps. Also it is very effective when it comes to filling grooves, wrinkles, expression lines, irregularities and depressions. As we age our facial expression also changes which is why many people use fillers to reshape chin, cheek, nose, and lip. Again the amount of time taken to administer is no more than 30 minutes which means patient can book an appointment and will be out in no time and see the results as soon as the procedure is completed. The only thing different is that the effect of derma fillers lasts anywhere between one to two years.



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