Get Rid of Dark Circles with Eye Rejuvenation Treatment at Enhance Clinics

You can now get rid of under eye circles or dark circles with under eye rejuvenation treatment at Enhance Clinics. There are various reasons for dark circles. Capillary vessels present around your eyes give a purplish and dark colour. Other factors are sluggish blood circulation, increase of pigmentation under the eye, and increase in hemosiderin deposits. It happens due to tiredness, smoking and lack of sleep. Getting regular eye massages, exercising and using eye creams containing vitamin K helps to a large extent.

It becomes a problematic situation if the skin around your eyes becomes thinner as the pigmentation under the skin is not well masked. This happens due to age, frequently rubbing your eyes, removal of make-up, and poor skin care, etc. Eye creams are proven to help. Sometimes, due to loss of fat, the hollowing under the eyes looks prominent which forms a shadow under your eyes. Combining particular eye products such as Vitamin K, skin lightening agents, and a collagen stimulating agent along with sessions of eye laser treatments; dark eye rings, loose skin and under eye wrinkles can be treated. Other under eye problems like eye bags are caused by extra bulging fat or bigger under eye muscles. They can be surgically removed at Enhance Clinics, or with the help of a Botox injection. These are permanent solutions and we guarantee you effective and satisfactory results.

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