Get the Best Medical Treatment for Lightening Your Underarm Skin at Enhance Clinics

You can now get the best medical treatment for lightening your underarm skin at Enhance Clinics. Dark underarm skin is a very common problem. All of us love to wear sleeveless clothes, but with dark underarms, this can be embarrassing. Dark underarms are generally caused by shaving, use of wrong kind of deodorant, or some kind of allergic reaction. There are several symptoms to find out whether the discolouring is a medical issue or not. If you experience itchiness or excessive sweat, then it is definitely due to bacterial build up.

Sweating is considered an important reason for skin darkening, but this is simply not true. In reality, metallic salts present in deodorants result in the darkening of your underarm. Laser treatments are considered a promising option for lightening your skin tone. In this, our doctors paralyse your sweat gland temporarily. Spa peeling body treatments also work wonders. It extensively removes the blackness from your armpits. You need to have four to six sittings for this treatment. For a lasting result, we recommend our patients use sun block creams.

One of the other treatments for lightening your underarm skin besides laser, body peel or UV light treatment, is cryosurgery. In this treatment, we use liquid nitrogen. It is first injected in your affected area and kills skin cells. The treatment does not leave any kind of scar behind.

At Enhance Clinics, we offer the best treatment to our patient and ensure satisfactory results. You can visit the various branches of this clinic located in Noida, Kolkata, Delhi, Gurgaon, Lucknow, Dehradun and Mumbai.



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