Reshape Your Nose by Getting Rhinoplasty at Enhance Clinics

Nose job of clinically termed as “ Rhinoplasty”, is a non- invasive nose plastic surgery that reconstruct or reshape or correct the natural nose flaws in terms of rectifying or enhancing the nose tip, treating nasal trauma, eliminating or resolving congenital defects and restoring the acute functioning  of the nose. Enlarged or centrally off nose or droopy nose tip blemishes the beauty and consequently lower the confidence of an individual. Nose job is a surgical procedure that transforms an ugly appearing asymmetrical nose into a symmetrically shaped beautiful nose.

Nose job or nose surgery is performed for the followings:  

  • Reconstruct nasal symmetry
  • Resizing or reshaping the nose in relation to the facial symmetry and balance.
  • Nose position, size and angel of the nostrils and the bridge width.
  • Inappropriate nose profile with visible humps and visible depression on the bridge.
  • Nostrils that are large, centrally off, slightly twisted, wide or upturned
  • Upturned or hooked nose trips, droopy or cooked and enlarged or bulbous

Procedure of Nose Surgery or Nose job:

The expert plastic surgeon forms tiny incisions on the nose area to be reconstructed from the inside to attain direct access to nose bone or cartridge in order to remove the skin tissues or cartilage as depending upon the situation. To rearrange or reshape the natural nose structure, a splint with bandage is used to support the nose.

The nose job surgery is conducted under the general or local anaesthesia on outpatient basis.

Post- Surgery recovery and care:

The patient can keep up with the routine after a few days as it involves no major risk of massive bleeding and acute pain. Prescribed pain killers can mitigate the pain, swelling and soreness.



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