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Lip augmentation or Lip Surgery or Lip reduction surgery are the surgical and non- surgical procedures respectably as these are performed to enhance or improving the appearance of lips by  adding fullness or broadening the lips and decreasing or reducing the thickness of lips respectively. Structure, shape and volume of both the lips get propionate. It is an easy and secure surgical procedure for treating droopy skin around lips or post trauma or buck tooth.


Lip augmentation or Lip reduction or Lip surgery:

Lip augmentation or Lip surgery or Lip reduction surgery are performed to rectify the deformities of upper lip or lower lip or the both.

Lip reduction is performed under the administration of general or local anaesthesia as per the procedure and condition, the plastic surgeon forms a tiny straight incision right from inside to the outside of the lip. Excess tissues and fat are secured or removed with internal sutures.

Lip augmentation demands no anaesthesia as the fillers only infuses with topical anaesthesia or lidocaine.  Amazing results appear in only 30 minutes after injecting the fillers. This lip implant augmentation surgery is a lesser invasive that is performed only in an hour on the targeted anaesthesia injected regions of lips. Small incisions are formed at the corners of mouth, where a squeaky tunnel is made by the plastic surgeon for settling down or accommodating the implants proportionately. Indeed lip implant is the accurate and finest surgical method to reconstruct the defected lips.

 Post- Surgery Recovery:

Remarkable post- operative results can be noticed after the full recovery.

Post- operative minor stretching, swelling, pain and bruising happens and can be controlled by oral medications and antibiotics. Horizontal sutures or incision disappears during the recovery. Redness on the outer lips subside in a few weeks. Lip augmentation or Lip surgery or lip reduction are the non-invasive surgical methods.



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