Get Hair Restoration Done Successfully at Enhance Clinics with Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT)

Follicular Unit Transplant or profoundly known as FUT, is an extensive hair transplant technique performed via strip harvesting to cover the bald head area. In this no scar visible hair transplant method, the hair strip is removed from a permanent zone called as “Donor area” where hair are resistant to balding and have thick growth. A healthy hair follicular hair unit is carefully extracted from the sides or back of the head areas that are with natural hair growth with sebaceous glands, small muscles, nerves and vellus hair with other skin substances. To maximize the cosmetic outcome of FUT, natural- occurring small units dissected in the group of 1-4 hairs are implanted on the determined bald area of the head.

FUT Hair Transplant in Jaipur

FUT Procedure:

FUT surgical procedure consists of three core stages- hair follicles extraction, gratification and final as hair transplant. During the FUT procedure, the head of the patient is washed with a medical shampoo, anesthetized by injecting local anaesthesia and specialized hair transplant surgeon extracts a strip from the hair dominant donor area of the head. Microscopic dissection performed to separate the hair follicles. Slit technique is carried out by using micros needles of 0.6 to form 0.8 mm diameter to make tiny holes on the recipient area with utmost care. All ready hair follicles are harvested now immaculately.

Trichophytic is the revolutionary closure technique that conceals the donor area as merely a micro scar can be visible to the naked eye in the shape of tiny dots.


However, the donor scar remains no longer visible after a few days of recovery as a thick crust formed to heal up the minor wound. The patient may return home the same day of FUT procedure as it is a less- time consuming hair harvesting method.


100% natural looking, shiny and blooming hair with rich density grows stronger permanently. Contact Jaipur based XYZ clinic operated by Dr. ABC for more details of FUT surgeon and FUT hair transplant procedure.



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