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Acne Management

Acne is a very serious problem faced by many men and women. It is a skin anomaly which is mostly found in adolescents caused by the increase in androgens such as testosterone, which occurs during puberty but unfortunately for some people they have to endure this problem even into adulthood which is why treatment for acne depends upon the severity of the acne and the skin type.

Chemical Peel Treatments

A chemical peel treatment is the most effective means to get rid of acne. Although this procedure requires repetitive sittings but it gives good results and one can notice improvement in just couple of therapy session but the best part is this treatment stops the recurrence of acne. A chemical peel, unlike a lot of other procedures does not try to hide behind its name because a chemical peel is a process where doctors use chemicals that literally peel away layers of skin.

It might sound rather harsh but chemical peels have the ability to eliminate acne and improve skin imperfections such as sunspots and acne scars. After the treatment, patient can feel the smoothness and tightness after the peel. Generally it takes five to six sessions repeated once every two weeks. Also people who suffer from inflammatory lesions, Intense Pulse Light and Blue Light Therapy are used.

All of do not share same kind of skin that is why the treatment may vary from person to person. However there are different types of chemical peels to suit individual needs. But this is the only procedure which has the capability to get rid of acne.



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